January 13, 2012

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Swatches

One of my very dear friends benwajones got the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection for me for Christmas (Thanks Ate!) and here are the swatches. The glitter is fine so it wasn't too hard to get off. The green Holiday Splendor polish was the only one with a tinted green clear polish. All the others just had clear polish with the different colored glitter. I didn't use a base color underneath just so you could see the colors by themselves. They're really sparkly in person. I can't wait to see what manicures can be made from these... 


  1. my fav from this collection is holiday splendor, I have used it a few times already! I can't wait to see the manis you come up with too

  2. These are so much fun!!! :D I think my favourite is holiday splendor, just like Polish AMOR. So beautiful!!

  3. Holiday Splendor is beautiful!!!

  4. So gorgeous!! I love them all. Especially Candy Cane!

  5. @PolishAMOR Yea, I agree. Holiday Splendor is gorgeous! I really like Sugarplum Fairy too :)

    @Ashesela Lol I know! Really beautiful! :D

    @Mallory It's a hit! hehe

    @Polish and Charms And so sparkly!

    @MariJo Me too! They're so shiny!

  6. I need these polishes in my life - immediately. Fingers crossed that my Winners will get this collection in!

  7. OMG I love Jingle Jangle! You were right lol.

  8. Wow, the glitters are really pretty.

    I'm sending these Blog Awards to you, do check them out.

  9. @APolishedTouch lol! Oh I've never been to Winners...I think the closest one is about half an hour or more away...I hope you find them!

    @Frosso Lol! I have another post comparing them :) Yea, it's a really pretty glitter

    @Bebe Aw thank you! I'll check them out :)

  10. @Niesha lol! I would definitely recommend them :D

  11. I love glitter! These are all so pretty!!

  12. OMG i think i just died and went o glitter nail polish heaven~~~they are soooo pretty~~~glad to hear that they are not hard to remove either...rmber trying to hard to remove glitter nail polish...so damn hard~~~so good to know~~~


  13. @ScarsLikeLace Glitter is awesome! :D

    @Jessy lol! Yea, I was so happy the glitter removal was easier than usual. It can be such a pain sometimes!

  14. I love this collection, it's one of my favorites that I've bought. Holiday Splendor and Gingerbread are my favorites!

    1. I love this collection too! There's not a color I don't like which I can't really say for all collections out there..


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