January 11, 2012

Color Club Art Club

These are 3 Color Club Art Club polishes that I picked up in November. In order from left to right: Mermaid, Passion Flower, and Blue Hologram. I didn't post a picture of Blue Hologram when I used it in this post here, so I wanted to make sure you guys were able to see what it looked like in the bottle if you were interested.

Above is a view of the brush from Mermaid. It's your typical nail art brush size. I love the shape of these bottles. they're so cute. I've seen other nail art bottles, but for some reason, I really like these. I think I like them because they're simple and clean-looking. I don't know haha.  


  1. Wooo these look wonderful!!! :D Haha, the moment you said they're simple and clean-looking, the song Simple and Clean from Utada Hikaru began playing in my head. ^-^ Great song!

  2. they look lovely, glitters always give amazing look!
    Ashesela : oh wow you like Utada Hikaru?! cant believe it :D i love her too and my favourite song is First Love :D

  3. They are so pretty! I want them too!

    And joining the Utada love, my favourite song is Passion!

  4. Mermaid and Blue Hologram are both oh so pretty!! O.O

  5. Those look so good! I have a hard time using them though, the brush is so long. Any tips?

  6. Pretty! I am not so good with freehand stuff, but I do like looking at the bottles. :)

  7. wow sooo pretty! I love glitter :) and that purple is so vibrant! :)

  8. I love mermaid...I'd want to use it as a regular polish though!

  9. @Ashesela lol! Aw haha I like Utada Hikaru. I don't know many of her songs, but I like that song!

    @YoannitaL I know! Glitters can be really fun :)

    @Lisa Yes, Passion is my fav too! <3

    @ScarsLikeLace Hehe yea, they're so sparkly!

    @MariJo Hehe really pretty!

    @KarenD Yea, I'm not great with free hand stuff either, but the bottles are so cute!

    @Rachel Hehe I know! hehe

    @Frosso I have an upcoming post that you will love then! *hint hint* :D


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