January 13, 2012

Personal Update

Good Afternoon! I just wanted to do a little post for you wonderful people. In one of my posts I had mentioned that I had 2 weeks off for the holidays since our office was closed and this week was our first week back. Work has been keeping me extra busy so I'm so behind in keeping up with all the blogs I follow! I have my posts set on a queue so they post automatically for me, but I haven't been near my computer until last night when I was able to respond to the comments you guys have been leaving this week. I just wanted to thank you all for visiting and seeing my posts. It really means a lot and it keeps me going :D This weekend, most likely starting tonight, I will be back to visiting everyone's blogs. I can't wait! I'm usually off on Fridays, but today I'm heading into work for a half day, so tonight I will be able to visit your blogs! Sooooo...thank you all again! Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Don't work too hard now, lol!! Thanks for being such a supportive fellow blogger ;0)

  2. @MariJo Hehe thanks :) Aw and thank you, too, for being a supportive blogger!! <3

  3. I hope you had a great holiday! :D Have a wonderful weekend too! ^-^

  4. Oh man, 2 weeks off? That sounds amazing, but I'd never be able to get myself to go back to work.
    Welcome back!

  5. Hope u have a good week! Looking forward for the next post of urs! Take Care :)

  6. @Ashesela Thanks! I certainly did! And thank you! You too :D

    @Frosso I know! I was dreading the day before we went back to work lol thanks! haha

    @YoannitaL thanks! Yoy too! Hehe. I hope you like my upcoming posts :)


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