June 27, 2011

Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover

When I bought the Pop Beauty polishes at Ulta online, I also bought the Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover. Again, I was introduced to this remover by benwajones. This is the BEST smelling polish remover I have ever owned! I was getting extremely tired of using acetone because whenever it would splash, (I have a pump container I got from Sephora) it would ruin whatever was nearby since it kills most plastic. I have a couple spots on my computer keyboard and a spot on my mouse from the acetone. I'm trying to finish the last bit that I have and soon will be using the Butter London remover. The only thing I'm disappointed about the remover is that it only comes in 2 fl. oz. bottles which is why I bought 2. They are $5 a bottle so they are on the pricey side. They do however, smell amazing. You can find them here.

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