August 18, 2015

Styling a Wooden Watch - JORD

Disclaimer: I received this maple Ely Watch complimentary for review purposes from JORD,

When I wear a statement piece, in this case an alluring wooden watch, I prefer to dress simply to allow the piece to stand out. This beautifully crafted wooden watch by JORD deserves the spotlight!

I paired this maple Ely series watch with a black button down and oversized black bag, and the watch was prominent against its dark surroundings. The Ely features a smaller dialer and band compared to other watch series by JORD, making it perfect for those with smaller wrists like me.

The Ely is functional, providing the time as well as the date, and is fashionable, providing an effortless oomph to your outfit!

JORD watches are packaged in a stunning wooden box with a tweed-styled pillow, cushioning each time piece securely.

Find the perfect wooden watch that fits your style at

Wood Watch


  1. It's really beautiful - I love these wooden watches :)
    I hope the contact me some day LOL

  2. I love how you styled it, these wooden watches are so interesting -I love how it has a matching box too :) xx

    Baking Fashion

  3. This is so cool. I'm going to invest in one lol. A standout piece indeed!

  4. Looks great on you! Love how you paired it!

  5. I love these wooden watches! They definitely make a statement without being bling-y :) love how you kept the rest of your outfit simple so it could really stand out!


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