December 28, 2012

Holiday Giveaway Winners!

Hello Loves! I hope everyone had a great week! I am pleased to announce that Mary, Si'Ree P, and Jade B are the three winners of my holiday giveaway!

The winners have been emailed and I have already received two responses, so I'm just waiting for one more response :) Thank you all for participating and a big thank you to all of you who have kept up with my blog posts. You guys keep me going and you make blogging so much more enjoyable. 

Lots of love, drinkcitra


  1. Congratulations to the winners!!! :D

  2. Thank you again for this giveaway!! Im so excited for these polishes!! This is the first time I won a raffle and will be my first butter london polishes!! Thank you drinkcitra!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Year celebration!


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