May 11, 2012


A while ago I was tagged by three lovely ladies, Rhonda from dotlash, Jackie from Pampered With Polish, and aki! from 7% Solution, with three different tags/awards. Thank you, ladies! Be sure to check out their blogs. They have great posts and are wonderful people :D I love you guys!

This post is a bit long, so if you don't end up reading it, I understand lol. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Tell Me About Yourself Award from dotlash:

7 random facts:

I feel like you guys know a good amount about me already and I never know what to say here goes...

1. My fiance and I are going to LA in about a week and half and I'm super excited!
2. I can't wait to go to a Guppy House in LA! It's been too long! (Does anyone know of any other good restaurants to check out down there?)
3. I recently bought new tires for my car
4. I enjoy watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This show makes me want to travel for food places! 
5. I'm currently loving the neon trend! I haven't worn it besides on my nails, but neon just looks so fun. 
6. I still enjoy watching some shows on the Disney Channel
7. I enjoy playing Professor Layton games

Butterfly Award from Pampered with Polish:

The questions:

1. What's your favourite song? 
These kinds of questions are always so hard to answer lol...As of late, I've been enjoying Linkin Park's latest song "Burn it Down". I can't wait for their new album! June 26, 2012 :D
2. What's your favourite dessert? 
Brownies and ice cream
3. What's your favourite pet? 
My two pups Yami and Imay
4. Black or White?
5. What's your biggest fear? 
What lurks in the dark
6. What's your best feature?
I like my eyes, even though they don't have the best vision
7. What's your everyday attitude? 
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Make every day productive! :D
8. What is perfection?
A fun day spent with loved ones
9. What is your guilty pleasure?

11 Questions tag from 7% Solution:

Since I did this tag here, I just answered her questions: 

1. Do you like to read? What do you find yourself reaching for?
I love to read. I like a variety, but I enjoy romance, fantasy, and some science fiction.
2. How many hours a day do you find yourself doing blog related activities?
Oh my goodness. I don't keep track exactly, but during my lunch at work and when I get home from work I can spend a good 4-5 hours doing blog related activities. Sometimes even more during the weekends. It's like a part time job :)
3. Bows or ribbons?
4. How often do you do your nails?
Maybe once or twice a week. I'm definitely ahead of my nail posts. 
5. Do you have a way you do your hair/face everyday or does it change on a day to day basis?
I pretty much have the same routine on work days. My hair goes up in a messy bun and I wear wear little to no makeup. During the weekends, I'll change it up a bit. 
6. Do you have any siblings? Do they blog?
I have a brother and sister. Neither blog, but my brother is in the sound industry so he does some music producing and shares it online.
7. Is your health a huge concern to you?
It's not major, but I do make sure I take care of myself. I try to eat well and exercise a few times a week.
8Which popular thing does everyone else love... but you just don't care for?
Hmm...maybe facebook lol. I used to have fb, but deleted it maybe more than a year or 2 ago. I just feel like it's taking over everything. Sometimes certain sites require you to sign up with them only through fb. I don't know. I have nothing against those who have facebook accounts, but I feel like it's just too much. 
9. What if someone came and told you your blog name was taken and copyrighted by someone who came before you? Would you fight it or change it? What would you change it to?
omg I would be so mad. A couple months or so ago, something happened to my blog. I don't know what happened exactly, but when I was logged in, all my posts were gone, my website wasn't showing up...It was a nightmare. It only lasted about half an hour (I had to reset my password and verify this was my account), but it was horrible. It was like I lost someone dear to me. I would try to fight for my name. If I had to change it, I wouldn't know what to change it to! 
10. How do you feel about hair extensions and fake lashes?
I think hair extensions are nice if you have short or thin hair, and you need the length and volume. I think false lashes are nice if you want a dramatic look, or if you want to make your lashes look fuller. I don't use hair extensions, but I will use false lashes if I want to spruce up my eye makeup for night wear :)  
11. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? 
I have no idea...I remember watching the TV show and playing the PC game when I was younger. I never finished the PC game though :/ It was very entertaining haha.

I am tagging: Christa from Chrissyai for all three of these tags :D


  1. Awww, Traci I loved your answers! I love playing Professor Layton games too even though I'm turning 29 soon! I managed to catch Carmen once in Space and once in Japan and I swear those two moments MADE my childhood! I also share your concerns about how FB is everywhere...I use it everyday, but I won't be sad if it disappeared. I would feel like the human race would be liberated from its tyrannical reign! DO you have a date for getting married? Everyone keeps asking me, but I really don't know...and have fun in LA!

    1. Thanks, Jayne! lol! The Professor Layton games are so much fun haha! My sister and I are Layton fanatics! OMG that's awesome that you caught Carmen twice! That would have been so exciting as a kid! :D As for facebook...yea, I would want to see a day where it was not used anymore and everyone would be free from it haha. We don't have a date set for marriage yet either! Haha! Everyone asks us too, but we always tell them that they will know when we do :) Oh thank you! Can't wait to go down there!

  2. I'm pretty new to your blog so I don't know as much as people who have followed you longer, so it's so nice to feel like I get to know you better!
    (I didn't even know you were engaged, congratulations!)
    I also still find myself watching some Disney channel, especially since Disney Halloween movies will always be my favorite. (:
    I really liked reading this!

    1. Omg you're so right! Sometimes I feel like I can get repetitive, but I forget that the newer followers don't know that much about me! Thanks for mentioning that :) I'm glad you feel like you were able to get to know me! I love reading other posts like this on other blogs because it makes me feel more connected with them :) yay thanks! Hehe. And thanks for always visiting my blog! I always look forward to your comments! I also really love your blog <3

    2. Haha (: No problem.
      I'd like to do a tag like this since I always like reading them and getting to know people better.
      And thank you for visiting mine as well! You always have such positive things to say. I look forward to your comments and I looove your blog too.

    3. Yea, they're great to see on blogs to be able to get to know the blogger! I'd love to read your answers to these! I tag you for all three of these :D I'm going to visit your blog and leave a comment to tag you lol.

  3. I'm pretty sure we'd be good friends in real life!:) I agree FB is a little out of control. I'm still on it, but I feel like I use it more for blog stuff than me stuff (does that make sense? lol) that is a lot of blogging time a day! Don't you wish you could get paid like its a part time job???:) xoxo

    1. Yay! I'm pretty sure too hehe. I can always relate to the stuff you post on your blog! I love it :D Yes, that makes sense about using your fb for your blog haha. omg that would be awesome to be paid to blog and use it as a part time job!! Best job ever!!

  4. I loved reading more about you! I'm not so found of FB either, I only have it for my blog :-)

    1. Yay! I'm glad you read it hehe. That's good. I know people use fb as a way to help support their blogs and that seems like a good way to use it! :D

  5. I love watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives too! I feel so conflicted watching it though. I'm like "Ohh...that looks delicious I want some!" and at the same time I'm also like "That's like a heart attack ready to happen." -__-;;

    1. OMG I totally agree lmao! It's either it looks really good, or omg you could die from that haha

  6. Aw, thanks for doing this! Really enjoyed reading your responses.

    1. Of course! Thanks for the tag :) I enjoyed answering your questions! <3


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