February 24, 2012

Nail Polish Tag

Che over at Love, Femme and Alanna over at Pretty Purple Polish tagged me with the Nail Polish Tag! Thank you both!! <3

Nail Polish Tag
The rules:
1. Answer 10 questions
2. Pass it to 5 other Bloggers
3. Make sure the blogger you tagged knows about this

1. How many polishes do you have?
Eek, I think my collection has grown a tag since the last time I did this tag, but I am definitely over 200. 

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Essie for sure. I love the everyday-kind-of-colors they have and the packaging. I also love that their latest collections have been more bold. 

3. Do you like Crackle polish or do you have it?
I have a few crackle polishes. It was exciting for a while, but now I use them if I want to add a little something to a plain manicure. 

4.What is the brand of your first nail polish?
I really can't remember. Maybe something by Revlon or Sally Hansen. 

5. If you're going to have a nail polish line what would you name it?
Gah, I still don't know. Maybe Citra :D Sounds like the colors would be vibrant haha.

6. What nail polish does not compliment you?
Definitely some red and pinks. I think it depends on what shade of red or pink. 

7.What nail polish compliments you?
I think rich nudes, plums, and greys go well with my skin tone.

8. Name two of your nail art best-friends.
Konad plates and nail art pens. I love how you can turn a simple mani into a work of art with some stamps and designs. 

9. What was the best nail polish gift you ever received?
I think the best so far would be Essie's 2011 winter collection that my fiance got me. He's so sweet. 

10. Make a speech thanking the blogger who gave you this tag.
Thank you, Che and Pretty Purple Polish for this tag! Yay for the love of nail polish! You both have amazing blogs and I always look forward to your guys' posts <3

11.What is your second favourite nail polish company?
Color Club

12. Glitter or no glitter?

13. OPI, China Glaze or Essie?

14. When do you change your nail polish?
Depends on the week...maybe 1-2 times a week

15. What's your favourite colour on your nails?
Nudes, plums, and greys

16. Darks or brights?

17. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
Essie Merino Cool

18. Matte nails -in or out?

19. French manicure?
I like them

20. Favourite winter colour?
I wore a lot of plain colors during the winter...and glitters :)

I would like to tag:
1.) A Polished Touch
3.) Lacquer Me Silly
5.) Tales of Knit and Nails

I tried picking blogs that hopefully haven't done this tag before...but sorry if any of you have done this already! 


  1. Thats such a pretty pic of your essies! Thank you for the tag :D

  2. I love nail polish tag! That is a whole lot of Essie polish.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. super cute, I like that pic... ohhh polish LOVE

  4. Yay!Thanks for doing the tag. Isn't nail polish just addicting once you start collecting? I have no idea when I'm going to use them all but it always seems like I just have to have them. Aww totally loving the picture you attached for this post :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me! Yea, it is definitely addicting...good and bad right? lol. thanks! I was inspired to use my own picture since you used your own too! :D

  5. Do you really only change your nail color one to two times a week? From your blog, it looks like you change it every day!

    1. I do lol. I kind of cheat when it comes to some of my posts. There will be a couple times a month where I just swatch colors or do some manis for a day during the weekend and just set posts since I wanted to have a post at least every other day to keep it active here. Lately I haven't had time to do that, so my posts have been when I have time now.

  6. Yay someone loves Essie as much as I do! I love your site and always look forward to your posts <3 are all those Essies yours?

    1. Yay for Essie! Aw I really appreciate the love! <3 And yes, all those Essie's are mine! My Essie collection has grown over the years...


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