January 7, 2012

Shabby Drab Diamonds

Here's a simple mani. This is Color Club's Shabby Drab and Covered in Diamonds. Nothing much to explain. I really like Shabby Drab. In person it sometimes looks blue-ish, then grey-ish and then purple-ish. It's a nice smoky kind of color. I hope you all are enjoying the new year :)


  1. I love that flakie, it's so pretty!

  2. very nice, love the combination! covered in diamonds is so pretty

  3. Such a pretty polish. Love the accent nail ;0)

  4. @Polish and Charms Love flakies! :D

    @ScarsLikeLace Me too! It's one of my favorites :)

    @PolishAMOR Thanks! Yea, it's really pretty.

    @MariJo Hehe yea, it's really pretty. Thanks :D

    @Ashesela lol. Pretty is a definite :)

  5. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

  6. Thats such a pretty flakie, I had no idea color club had one.

  7. Hi Again! I am tagging you with the Cute Blog Award! I will have a post about it on Tuesday 01/10/12!

  8. @YoannitaL thanks!

    @Amy Thanks! Me too!

    @Sandra Thank you :)

    @Ashesela Aw thank you! I'll post about it soon!

    @Fosso I know! Color Club is awesome and has great polishes

    @PolishandCharms Hi! Aw thanks!


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