December 15, 2011

Rock-Star Power

Here is both Power Clutch and Wish Upon a Rock-Star Again. This time I packed on more glitter than I did on the other post with Essie's Bobbing for Baubles. Glitter polish is so fun to use, but it's such a pain to remove! 


  1. Great look, love the accent nail and YES glitter is such a pain to remove!

  2. I love the glitter accent! And I agreed that glitter is a pain to remove. I think I spend more time removing the glitter than putting it on.

  3. I love to layer glitters!! Looks great!

  4. @polishamor thanks :) ugh yea. i wanted to do my other nails, but didn't want to deal with taking the glitter off ALL the nails! lol

    @mallory thanks! exactly lol! it takes forever...

    @polishandcharms yea me too! thanks :)


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