December 5, 2011

Dark tips

I was inspired by these nails I saw on tumblr for this manicure. Unfortunately, I don't have the link to the ones I saw, but I'm sure they'll appear again there. I used Essie's Brooch the Subject as the base and applied Kiss Nail Art in black to the tips. 


  1. Gorgeous!
    You always amaze me!
    I'm really trying to grow mine out.
    I've been doing cuticle massages everyday with oil and hand creams and it seems to be working. Hopefully I'll get them as long as yours so I can do some of these awesome tutorials!!!!
    great job!

  2. i love this look! you did a great job

  3. @poishandcharm yay glad you like it!

    @pbandjapparel aw can't wait to see! haven't seen any new videos from you in

    @polishamor thanks so much! means a lot :)

    @nailtopia thank you! :D


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