November 19, 2011

Passport Blue with Rhinestones

This is the last polish of American Apparel I have. It's called Passport Blue. The rhinestones are from this little container I got from Makeup Forever. They're a little big, but they kind of work for nails. 


  1. wow! that's a great idea to put rhinestones on the top of nails! :) I must try it next time!:) it reminds me something oriental.

  2. I really love how you do your nails, i like how u put a gem in each nail! I'm really into painting my nails lately and I stumbled upon your blog...I really like it, and by the way I am a new follower!

  3. @supercutesupereasy aw thanks! i'd love to see yours after you do it! :)

    @glitzglambudget thanks so much! because of you, i can now have my 50 followers giveaway! :D


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