November 9, 2011

Le Petit Faon is having a giveaway!

Another blogger is having a giveaway! You can check it out here: How exciting! 

And just so you guys know (if anyone would be interested) I will be having my first giveaway when I hit 50 followers! (which will hopefully be soon! lol. I'm 2 followers away!) I already have items set up for this giveaway that I have been anxiously waiting to give out! So stay tuned! :D


  1. I was going through your posts to get some inspiration on what I wanted to paint my nails tomorrow, and stopped to say these are such cute polishes!

    You're work is so amazingly perfect

    1. Aww hehe. I hope you find or found something to inspire you!
      Yea, these really are cute polishes!


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