October 8, 2011

Tag: As time passes by

How exciting! This is my first tag. I was tagged by this awesome girl: Polish Amor. Be sure to check out her site. With this tag I believe we have to show our first mani with our latest and compare the two. This will be a bit embarrassing lol. I kept my nails SO short before, but here goes...

My first post First Time Konad-ing:

My latest post Essie "Lady Like" swatch

What has changed...My nails were obviously WAY shorter before lol. The "drinkcitra" on my first picture was smaller too. I've learned to keep my hands moisturized since I wash my hands a lot. My hands were dry in the first picture haha. I have only been blogging for about a year, but I'm learning about different polish brands, textures, designs, and so much more than I knew about a year ago. 

I am tagging the following lovelies:

Thank you for reading! <3

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