October 25, 2011

Galaxy Nails

I've always been curious about galaxy nails. One of my good friends Therese (follow her! hehe) showed me her galaxy nails and I was in awe. She made me want to try them too! So this is what I came up with while using her nails as inspiration. These were actually fun to do. It takes a little more time, but they're worth it in the end :) I started off using Essie's Dive Bar and Over The Top as the base coats, sponged Manila and Rose Bowl from American Apparel, added white dots and applied Disco Dancing, NOX Twilight's glitter as a top coat. Try this out! It's really fun :)


  1. These came out super cute, I need to try galaxy nails!

  2. @PolishAMOR Thanks! Yea! Try it out! I would love to see <3

  3. these are so beautiful! loving the holo glitter!!


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