August 24, 2011

"One Lovely Blog" Award

I've just received my third blog award given to me by super cute super easy! I really appreciate it! Be sure to check her out! :)

1) Link back to the person you got it from, 2) Tell seven things about yourself, 3) Give the award to ten bloggers

Seven things about myself: 
1. I'm a night owl, but work forces me to sleep early
2. I love "meeting" new bloggers online 
3. i enjoy organizing and cleaning
4. I go on tumblr often 
5. Discovering interesting blogs excites me
6. My go-to breakfast meal is an egg and cheese sandwich
7. I enjoy being outdoors

I'm passing this award to the following lovely blogs:


  1. Thanks for the award! Stuff like this keep us motivated! Plus your blog is awesome

    Posh Culture xx

  2. @Posh Culture You are so very welcome! They really do keep us motivated! :D


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