June 14, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received this award from Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa! Be sure to check her amazing blog out: http://lisa-nails.blogspot.com/

The rules:
-share 10 facts about yourself
-tag 10 bloggers and let them know about it

Ten facts about myself:
1. My favorite beverage to drink is tea. Plain tea, milk tea...as long as it involves tea! 
2. I enjoy (as you can probably tell from my blog) doing my nails. I love spending time with my girls and we're able to do our nails and chat. 
3. I have a pomeranian / yorkshire terrier and I absolutely love her. 
4. I am obsessed with my Olympus Pen E-PL2. I have a lot of fun playing around with it.
5. When an item, whether it be makeup, polish, or anything, has nice packaging, I may consider buying it. I love when things are packaged nicely.
6. Donald Duck is my favorite Disney character and my collection of Donald memorabilia is gradually growing. 
7. I very much enjoy reading. I used to read a LOT when I was younger. I miss having all the time in the world to just curl up in a good book. 
8. Linkin Park is my favorite music artist. 
9. One of my dreams was to be in the credits of a Disney movie. I secretly still dream that I can achieve that somehow.
10. I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends. They never fail to brighten my darkest days.

Here are 10 amazing blogs I award and tag:

Be sure to check these blogs out :) All of these girls are amazing.


  1. Thanks for taggin me, that's so sweet of you!!

  2. Aw, you're the best. Super sweet of you girl! :)

  3. The site is looking SUUUUUPER good =) Love it! Glad you're growing a nice little following!

  4. I love warm milk tea! Everyone always looks at me like I'm off my rocker when I mention it. They just don't understand! =P

  5. @ScarsLikeLace Yay for warm milk tea! Lol!


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