June 17, 2011

Kiss Nail Artist Fine Art Pens

Look what I found at Ulta! Kiss Nail Artist Fine Art Pens! It was $5.99 for both. These are so much cheaper than the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens. I tried these Kiss ones out and love them! I think the black one works better than the white, but in my opinion, both work better the Sally Hansen ones. They are not messy at all and are more like markers so you don't have to push down to release more polish. I think this was a great find.

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  1. I did not have much luck with my nail pens. Not sure if it is the brand or just my pair of pens.
    White is super chalky! Can't use it at all!
    Black works really well...for about 5 min. Enough time to finish 1 hand if your lucky!
    Really upset :(

    1. You know, after a while they became just like you described. They worked great the first few times, but the white dried out and the black one was working, but I just haven't used it. Not such a great find after all :/


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