April 3, 2011

First Retail Essie Purchase

I was making a weekly trip to Target and hadn't checked out their nail polish section in a while so I decided to see if they had anything new. I finally got to see the new retail Essies and was surprised they carried more of the Essie colors that I usually see online or at Ulta. I found one called Master Plan that I had never seen before and fell in love. I had to have it! It was 50 cents cheaper at $7.50 and an extra 5% off with my Target card haha.


  1. What a beautiful neutral! love it :)

  2. G O R G E O U S

    I absolutely am loving this color
    I so have to get this yay
    btw i'm now following you woot woot

  3. btw I awarded you with a versatile blogger award just posted it yay


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