December 8, 2010

Christmas time is almost here...

Here's a simple nail design just because I wanted to try out the Chic Prints that I got from Sephora. I was really curious about the way they would turn out. The application was easy, but I have small hands so I had to trim the sticker for my thumb. The stickers are pretty big so I cut them and used only enough for my nail. I was able to use two stickers for both of my hands (my two thumbs and two ring fingers). The stickers lasted a good amount of time. I took them off after a week, but they probably could have lasted a few more days. They were $15, but I don't know if they're worth that much. The quality was pretty good except that the stickers didn't lay as flat as I wanted them to. I don't know if it was my nails that made the stickers not lay flat, or the stickers themselves. I did receive a lot of compliments on my nails because of the Chic Prints though. The silver really catches your eyes :) 
The red color used here is Essie's Very Cranberry

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